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Media Times & Communications team is carrying an experience since 2001 into sales, marketing and business promotions. More than a decade down the line, our experience in numbers is huge and the team has an learning growth rate of 120% every year. We offer outsourcing solutions which effectively answer your business needs, freeing up your resources for core functions.

At Media Times & Communications, we are committed to meeting your process specifications and quality expectations. Our multi-functional teams take pride in doing the job right for you the first time. We aim to forge a long-term business relationship with you, serving your requirements and partnering you on a mutual growth path.

Media Times & Communications, are pioneers in the industry carrying a bunch of expert team members. We as an organization are loaded with all the promotional activities by virtue of what one can reach it's target clients. We provide services related with Website Designing, E-Commerce Portals, PPC / Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Website Hosting, Domain Booking, SMS Campaigning, Mobile Applications etc.

We have one of our own portals by the name of www.delhitop.com by virtue of what one can easily find a genuine vendor of any or every industry from the whole of Delhi and NCR. Our efforts are always positive to provide some sort of help in the form of information to the people so that they can fulfill their needs by getting comapnies numbers.

We use to have Global Concepts - a yearly magazine cum guide having sections like The health line, food joints, just fashion, Automobile, Insurance, Travel, Education, Better Interior, Real Estate Bazar & B2B World. This was an effort of giving something back to society in the form of fruitful articles, phone numbers of some good companies of few various industries. It was choice of anybody if he/she want to contribute in it.

Our SMS Campaigns both promotional and transactional has allowed lot of comapnies to reach their target segment client by virtue of small investments.

Our services of Google promotional activities allows an organization to get promoted not only in India but also abroad to their right segmenr market with the right keywords. These promotions improves website ranking, improves branding of a company and enables lot of IT freaky buyers to find you in Top 10. Note: We as Media Times & Communications take the whole contract from the client in which we never share any adwords panels with them because they are Media Times & Communications own panels but yes we do share the google download reports in the excel format. These Reports what we provide / share to the client only talks about the clicks, impressions, hour of the day, keywords report, search report, geographical reports and user location reports. Ofcousre the amount spent within that campaign to google and other expenses is our internal process and will never be disclosed to the client in what so ever manner. After signing a lumpsum amount contract, it becomes our responsibility how to run the adwords campaign ( of course fulfilling our and our clients both verbal and written terms ), making further payments to google becomes our responsibility through our credit cards or any suitable mode (whatever amount definitely undiclosed to the client) and taking care of our other expenses, costs etc. Simultaneously we try get our own profits, gain, service charge etc within that amount (whatever amount definitely undiclosed to the client). Once we sign the contract may in written or verbal on a particular amount we never ask for any hidden charges etc. Please only sign the deal after reading this paragraph.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve our clients to their satisfaction. We use ethical methods to raise your website’s search engine visibility within the shortest possible timeframes. Our employees are committed to going that extra mile for you. We work hard to ensure that your business receives the best quality leads and conversions from prospects visiting your site.

Our Vision

Media Times & Communications is committed to the Best Service Support Team to its clients. A Team is on call 24 hours to any part of the country.

Our Motto

"Service Before Self".

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