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Media Times Services provides Short Message Service or Text Message Marketing which is becoming a popular way of promoting the brands and services by making use of written messages. SMS marketing allows your business to send written messages to the customer’s mobile phones offering new services, focusing on discounts, and other promotional quotes.

With Mobile Promotion Marketing, you target your ‘local’ market with messaging and promotional campaigns that drive awareness, traffic and business…nothing is more effective! The widespread use of cellphones and smartphones, makes it possible for even the smallest business to generate large flows of traffic by sending a single text message. You probably use text messages all the time to communicate with your friends and family but...

Tips for a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Tips as follows:-

• Cost Effective.

• Segment Your Audience.

• Timing is Key.

• There’s Power in Triggered Messages.

• Short, Sweet, and Simple.

• Prettify Your Links.

• Don’t Be a Spammer.

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